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Recent Blogs From The PD Peterka Team

Almost Anything Can Be Made With CNC Machining

At PD Peterka, we talk a lot about the kinds of CNC machining projects we’ve worked on in the past and the ease of working with a CNC machine shop as an outsource manufacturer. However, not all of our readers know what kinds of products and prototypes are even...

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Made in America: Manufacturing & Machining

Since the 1990s, outsourcing manufacturing & machining to other countries has become quite normal, with many Americans simply accepting it. However, the idea of “made in America” has gained a lot of momentum in recent years, with people pushing for manufacturing...

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The Benefits of Going Old School with Manual Machining

If you ask an experienced machinist which kind of machining technology is better, manual or CNC machines, most will respond with, “It’s not about which is better, it depends on the job”. CNC machines can complete large orders of machined parts quickly and accurately...

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Don’t Just Take It From Us

P.D. Peterka & Associates very effectively handled the preparation, design and manufacturing of the special steel parts comprising our segmental molds for our tunnel liners.

Their commitment to quality, innovative engineering and willingness to tackle the unknown led to the fabrication of segments of superior quality and performance.

We are particularly impressed with their thoroughness, awareness for practical considerations, imagination and follow through to completion.

Joseph P. Sehulster

President, Sehulster Co., Inc., Sehulster Co. Inc.

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