Benefits of Outsourcing in the US with P.D. Peterka’s Machine Shop Services

Flexible source of machined parts

Made in America manufacturing

Experienced machinists

Up-to-date CNC machine capabilities

Stress-free project management

Thoroughness and follow through

Reliable service from start to finish

Practical approach and confidentiality

Hard working dedication

P.D. Peterka & Associates makes outsourcing in the US the comfortable choice for machine shop services by getting to know your business. Watch our very own Pat Peterka talk with Joe Fazio of Commerce State Bank about creating partnerships.


Inside the Manufacturing Facility



Our goal of 2015 was to invest into a major update of the ERP system. This update will provide you real-time updates and facilitate error-free transactions and production, and increase the overall quality of machine shop services. Striving to achieve your goals will ensure optimum performance for your US outsourcing requirements. We will have instant access to seamlessly convey information between office, shop, and you. We eliminate the need for you to follow up with multiple vendors, or foreign complications, for information and progress reports on machine shop services. Ultimately, the ERP system assists P.D. Peterka in commitment to being a total solution for your metal machining needs. We keep it organized so you stay comfortable.



Our ERP System allows the concept of Just-in-Time inventory to work for your advantage. We work with many suppliers. Expertise in managing US outsourcing metal machining needs, helps make the JIT philosophy a reality. Ultimately, you will get material savings, less waste, and timely production without maintaining costly inventory. We can help you with data to see if JIT is right for you, or to see if another inventory method works better.

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