Precision Machining Show Room

P.D. Peterka is a diverse shop, willing and able to work with different kinds of materials from metals to plastics. Some of the materials we work with most are:

  • Carbon Steel
  • Alloy Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Plastics

P.D. Peterka provides the comfort of one-source, where we can answer all your questions and keep the process organized to help you maintain control over your project. We produce our products in house, and work with quality service providers should a unique project call for it. JIT, small runs, and prototyping are our specialties. All that’s required to get started with P.D. Peterka are the engineering prints, specs, and materials you’d like us to use.

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Equipment (and capacities)

By facilitating numerous machining and in-house die cutting projects, we enjoy freedom and flexibility in the projects we work on. With CNC machines, manual machines, die cutting capabilities, and secondary equipment, our team can easily make outsourcing the comfortable choice for you.

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CNC Machines

  1. Lathe CNC Machine
  2. CNC Pallet Changer
  3. CNC Milling Machine
  4. 6-Axis CNC Machine

Manual Machines

  1. Knee Mills
  2. Gear Head Lathes
  3. Examples

Die Cutting

  1. Full Head Press
  2. Clicker Press
  3. Four Pillar Press

Example Parts

Our machining capacity showcases products and services we’re proud of. P.D. Peterka combines the benefits of hands on techniques with the efficiency of up-to-date technology to create high quality products with the least amount of stress on our customers.

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