Quality Control With P.D. Peterka

Increasingly, manufacturers and machine shops are looking to get leaner. This means outsourcing different aspects of business operations to keep overhead costs low and maintain the manufacturing focus on what your team does best. At P.D. Peterka, we make outsourcing your quality control department to our specialists the comfortable choice for you.

These are the benefits to working with us:

  • If there is an issue with a P.D. Peterka part, our quality manager will work with you to determine the problem and resolve it.
  • When ordering P.D. Peterka parts, your order will have gone through our quality inspection process, so that you get a quality part the first time without back and forth.
  • We ensure that all repairs or adjustments work according to the customer’s application.
  • When basic dimensional inspection reports are required, P.D. Peterka offers them free of charge.
  • A PPAP, or Production Part Approval Process, can also be obtained through P.D. Peterka.

Some of our current customers are able to maintain their businesses without employing a quality control department or a quality manager because our services ensure that their machine shops and manufacturing plants keep running on schedule. We are confident that our quality control team can maintain quality parts and machinery so that our customers don’t have to, helping them become leaner, more efficient, and producing consistent products and services for their own clients.

To find out how our quality control services could be the comfortable choice for your operation, click the button below for more information.