We’ve written in the past about the importance of maintaining manual milling skills in our own workshop. It helps P.D. Peterka take on delicate repair jobs, as well as small order runs that can clog up the works when put through our CNC machines. However, we also believe that our fellow machine shop owners should consider keeping some manual milling equipment around for a rainy day. We certainly do love our technology, but it is not yet fool proof, and we want to help you stay lean and profitable in this fast-paced global manufacturing market.

Enhance Shop Efficiency with Manual Milling (Seriously)

You might have chuckled a bit after glancing at the above heading. We understand, it sounds counterintuitive, but hear us out. We’re guessing your machinists might have some extra time on their hands while your über efficient CNC milling machines are running. Why not take on extra small order jobs that can be processed on manual milling equipment while the large orders are already programmed and running? The extra income adds up over time, and helps establish quality relationships with customers needing more short-run work done. With CNC machinery able to run by itself, even overnight, your shop can do double duty with manual milling jobs, increasing output over time.

Manual Milling is Here When Technology Fails

Of course, we never wish for technological catastrophes to happen, but it’s always prudent to be prepared for when the power suddenly cuts out, or if your best CNC machine breaks down suddenly. Thankfully, a back-up generator can usually solve the former problem, but the latter is a bit more complicated. Of course, you can always reach out to an outsource manufacturer like P.D. Peterka to help meet deadlines on short notice, but in the event that you are still unable to find a solution for all of the jobs in jeopardy, it’s helpful to have some manual equipment on hand to cover some of the work. Prioritizing your largest jobs with an outsource manufacturer, and saving the smaller run work for your own manual milling equipment can help keep your shop on track even in an emergency. We know that your customers often can’t wait for the repair man to get things up and running again, so neither should you.

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