Since the 1990s, outsourcing manufacturing & machining to other countries has become quite normal, with many Americans simply accepting it. However, the idea of “made in America” has gained a lot of momentum in recent years, with people pushing for manufacturing and machining to happen within the U.S. once again. In order for manufacturing and machining to return to the U.S., people must first realize the significant benefits of not outsourcing to other countries, but keeping the work right here in America.

Key Benefits of Keeping Work in the U.S.

So what exactly are a few of the benefits of manufacturing and machining in the U.S.?

  1. Increase in jobs
  2. Quality made products
  3. An increase in American pride

By keeping the manufacturing industry strong in America, more jobs will be created, ultimately leading to more Americans being hired and lowering the unemployment rate. Those who are hired will be able to make a career for themselves, helping to make the manufacturing industry stronger with dedicated employees. According to US News, America lost 3.2 million jobs because of outsourcing to China between 2001 and 2013, with many of the jobs in the manufacturing industry. That is 3.2 million people who could have been employed in the U.S. but instead missed out on those jobs due to outsourcing to other countries.

Another benefit to keeping manufacturing/machining in America is that the overall quality of products. It might be cheaper to outsource work to other countries, but the reason it is less expensive is because of labor and material. The people are paid less and work as fast as they can trying to produce the most product in a short amount of time. The material that is used in foreign production is also a key factor in the product not being very durable. Cheap materials are often used in order to keep the cost down, which in turn produces poorly made products that break easily. Because of these points, the quality of the product is decreased and America is now buying products that will not last long, requiring more repairs, or more purchases. This in turn causes more financial and time disruption to the manufacturing process.

An increase in American pride is a huge benefactor to keeping manufacturing and machining in the U.S.. Americans are proud people and they like to buy products that their fellow citizens have created. More than 60% of Americans say that they would pay 10 percent more for products made in the U.S. than products made in foreign countries (Consumer Reports). This shows that people are not as concerned about the price and finding the cheapest option, but rather supporting their own country and hard working Americans.

The manufacturing industry has been a key player in the making and shaping of this country since its beginning, so it makes sense that people want to bring this back to America. An increase of jobs, quality made products, and strong American pride are just some of the many ways that manufacturing and machining in America is beneficial. By supporting American manufacturing, this trend can continue and outsourcing to foreign nations will no longer be necessary and products can proudly bear the phrase “Made in America.”

The backbone of America has been in the strength of manufacturing. We can continue that tradition by bringing manufacturing back home. To learn more or start a discussion about the benefits of manufacturing in America, contact PD Peterka at (262) 284-8920 or