Most manufacturers are familiar with gaskets, because they keep machinery running smoothly by preventing leaks of essential and often noxious or volatile substances. However, gaskets have even broader applications in just about every area of life that everyday folks often take for granted. Though the process of creating gaskets is fast and inexpensive, their tremendously important applications make focusing on quality of production an absolute necessity.

The What, How, and Why of Gaskets

Gaskets are made out of flexible materials like rubber, cork, fiberglass, plastic polymers, or felt. The most efficient way to make a gasket is through the process of die cutting, which operates like a cookie cutter to form the gasket into the appropriate shape using steel rule dies that sink into the material with a cleaving action. Despite the flexible nature of gasket materials, they must also be strong enough to withstand the pressure of the seal they create, especially in heavy industry applications. “While choosing the material for making gasket seals, it is important to check the yielding as well as the deforming quality of the material,” because each gasket must be able to fill the space entirely in order to negate even the smallest of pockets or irregularities where gas or liquid could seep through. This is why the simple process of creating a gasket shouldn’t make you complacent; choosing the right materials can make or break the efficacy of your gasket design and generate either perfect or disastrous results. Without the sealing power of gaskets, all kind of engines, equipment, pipelines, and machinery couldn’t effectively operate, which makes this simple element essential to modern life.

Industries Where Gaskets Make a Difference

At this point, it’s probably getting easier to imagine all of the areas gaskets keep our society moving forward. We see gaskets in use in aerospace, automotive, plumbing, mechanical, and so many other applications. Those industries cover the construction of buildings and transportation and utility infrastructure, advanced technology employed by NASA and the Department of Defense, as well as the security of oil pipelines all over the world. Gaskets make just about everything from modern sewer systems to sports cars possible.

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