Outsource Manufacturing with P.D. Peterka & Associates: Your Local Machine Shop Milwaukee; Supplement Your Metal Cutting and Machining Needs

Founded in 1987, P.D. Peterka grew from a small machine shop Milwaukee to a fully equipped outsource manufacturing facility. Our founders were early to realize the need for a reliable, cost effective, and flexible source to supplement manufacturing. You now have access to a complete range of metal cutting and machining capabilities with highly qualified professionals located in the USA for all of your outsource manufacturing needs. Machining services range from CNC machine capabilities to intricate manual machining for retrofitting of parts.

With P.D. Peterka & Associates, we make outsourcing the comfortable choice.

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A key element of our success results from providing a comfortable made-in-America outsourcing manufacturing solution for companies that need manufacturing assistance to complement their in-house capabilities. We take a practical, common sense approach to your specific needs and concerns─especially those of costs, quality control, and lead time.


The values of P.D. Peterka run deeper than the cost. We are dedicated to a diligent, hands on approach that allows us to manage your projects flawlessly. You’ll always get unbiased recommendations relating to materials and expenses, without the burden of unexpected costs. We take pride in accountability and acknowledge the difference between getting the job done, and getting the job done well.



The entire process is controlled using our automated ERP system to ensure timely production and monitor progress at every stage. To serve you best, we utilize both our internal resources and a network of over 100 approved sources of product manufacturing and engineering technology.


When you choose P.D. Peterka, you’re choosing collaboration and dedication. We always strive to give you what you want, but we’re not afraid to be honest. If we don’t feel confident that a part will withstand it’s end use, then we will work with you to modify the necessary aspects that will ensure optimal performance. You get a total solution from the people who care and the people who can. Let’s make outsourcing your comfortable choice.

We Make Outsourcing the Comfortable Choice

For most, the idea of outsourcing to a machine shop is rarely the comfortable choice. Valid concerns about money, quality, delivery, and shipping tend to impede manufacturers from getting what they need. At P.D. Peterka, we want to change that. Any shop can machine a product and follow a spec, but how many make communication and customer service a priority? How many attempt to provide you peace of mind and control over the process? Our strategy hinges on an ERP system that plugs a customer’s project into a database for flawless execution – from inquiry to manufacturing, to inventory, shipping and billing. For our team, we understand the importance to not just getting the job done, but getting it done well, with satisfied customers and comfortable choices.

Contract Manufacturing

P.D. Peterka provides the comfort of one-source, where we can answer all your questions and keep the process organized to help you maintain control over your project. We produce our products in our machine shop Milwaukee, and work with quality service providers should a unique project call for it. JIT, small runs, and prototyping are our specialties. All that’s required to make your outsourcing experience comfortable is to contact one of our team members with your engineering specs and requirements.