PD Makes You Their Priority

PD Peterka understands that most businesses can’t afford months of work stoppage in order to wait for a machine part repair. As a local company and fellow manufacturer, we make your machined parts a priority, because we know one damaged part, like a fan in a cooling tower, or a shaft that has broken, can shut down a whole shop indefinitely.

Depending on the project, turn around time is usually fairly quick. Whether we repair or completely replace a part, we can usually have your finished parts ready in just a day or two, or even as short as a couple of hours. There’s no need to wait months for essential machinery to be back in working order when outsourcing your repairs to local manufacturers willing to take on the project.

How We Get the Job Done

Every repair is different, but there’s generally a few ways we can address your need. If the part is reparable, our machinists will do whatever they can to repair it. Such as, bore it out, weld it back together, and finish it by smoothing and re-machining what’s there. In the unfortunate scenario where the problem doesn’t have a simple fix, we’ll scrap the piece and replace the machine parts altogether. Sometimes a project requires some reverse engineering, and we’re capable of that too. In most cases, with your help, we can get an idea of what your parts should look like when fully functional, and reproduce a working solution.

If a project ever takes longer than a couple of days, it probably involves certain alloys requiring heat treating or higher tolerances. To ensure the quality of those more complicated repairs, we’ll take a little bit extra time, but nowhere near the wait times – sometimes as long as 28 weeks – for overseas manufacturers for industrial machine part repairs.

So the next time you need machine part repair, whether that’s an unexpected hiccup or predictable maintenance, PD Peterka can finish the job faster than shipping it back to the manufacturer for repair or replacement. We make outsourcing the comfortable choice, because we’re local, understanding, and committed to getting your company back up and running. For more information on repairing and replacing machine parts, contact us here.