The holidays and new year make taking care of the usual tasks extra stressful. The science of getting everything done comes down to strategy. In manufacturing, that could mean coordinating multiple vendors, shipments, projects, and people. We’ve put together some helpful tips on how to get it all done with stress free project management, even if you need to ask for help along the way.

Stress Free Project Management – The Basics

The most important component of remaining stress free is organization. There are many organizational strategies to take a look at, but all of them involve being careful of biting off more than you can chew. Tracking your own capacity involves making sure that you’ve projected out the start and finish dates of all of your projects to ensure they are completed on time without any loose ends. Additionally, the tried and true strategy of making a list of everything that has to be done can prevent your operation from missing any steps along the way. Using that list, you can also map out a budget and make sure that you and your team sticks to it.

Most importantly, keeping track of who’s doing what helps your entire team stay on schedule. This might involve using special software that makes collaboration and accountability seamless, or checking in with each team member periodically to ensure that no hiccups or miscommunications have occurred along the way. At PD Peterka, we use an automated ERP system that allows us to keep track of each project from start to finish. It keeps things less stressful for us and our customers, who can be rest assured that they will receive reliable service from start to finish.

Can Outsourcing Help?

In the event that you’ve received more orders than you can handle, outsourcing might be a viable option to alleviate the strain. As an outsource manufacturer, PD Peterka is local to North America and a flexible source of machined parts. Using up-to-date CNC machining technology and a hands on approach, we’re confident in the quality and timeliness of what we do. However, before deciding to work with any specific outsource manufacturing vender, we advise taking the important steps detailed above first in order to determine whether or not outsourcing is a legitimate need.

If you have any further questions about whether or not outsource manufacturing might be the best solution for you, feel free to contact us with any inquiries.